Love Earth to the Moon and Back

ERASMUS+ KA220 SCH Environmental Education for Secondary Education Studentsin Online LearningPlatformNo. 2021-1-CZ01-KA220-SCH000034484


Development of ECurriculum on ClimateChange and


Year 1

A) Preparation activities before the actual project activities( press
release…etc)C) Focus group discussions with young people, teachers, youth workers, policy makers and wider community to explore needs and experiences.E) Digital competence development trainingfor teachers and others to create open digital resources

D) Integration of literature reviews and needs and experiences into a frameworkthat offers guidanceon the e- curriculum

B) Desk research to reviewavailable insights into climatechange and environmental issues of secondary education students, what they do to address these, and the kinds of activities that schools have put in place to address them(reviewing academic and some nonacademic (grey) literature.)



Year 3

A) Developing a Guidebook on the culturally-specific translation of the e-curriculum developed (in Phase 1) and activities (in Phase 2) with a recommendation on how non participatory schools should translate them into their ownparticular contexts.C) A summary (recommendation) for policy makers.

B) Developing aHandbook with extra curricularactivities (sports activities, artisticactivities and scientific activities/ traditional games,storytelling…etc) and a scenariobook complemented with a glossary andmanual for mobile learning (how tointegrate mobile devices andapplications; web based tools andother online services deemedcompatible with the scenarios)




Year 2-3

A) SeIecting and Building the e-learning platformC) Planning the piloting studiesof the developed activities and resources with a sample of learners/teachers and enriching the activities and materials technologicallytraining on ’responsible use of technologies’

D) DeveIoping e-module for in service teacher

B) Workshops with students, teachers, and youth workersto creatively co-develop the teaching and learning materials.







-There are transnational project meetings (four) , online meetings (six- each January and July ),learning teaching training activities (five), and multiplier events scheduled.

-Le_MOON will carry out a campaign with the title of’ 1,5 including a range of local and international activities such as an online photovoiceexhibition followed by participatory dramas,virtual mobility prior to the international forum where young people will create aSolutions’ Proposal on environmentalissues for policy makers, some sport events, online /Intalksessions with invited speakers.


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