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  • Summary of the Project

If Van Gogh lived now, could he be inspired from the stars and paint «The starry night»?

Less than 100 years ago, everyone could look up and see a spectacular starry night sky. Now, millions of children across the globe will never experience the Milky Way where they live. The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light is known as light pollution.

Among the various forms of pollution, light pollution is one of the least known but still has a major impact on our environment. The excessive presence of artificial light in the night environment affects animals and plants, humans, the universe and our climate and threaten the balance of the entire ecosystem. It also prevents astronomers from observing a clear starry sky. It also represents a waste of energy. The negative effects of the loss of this inspirational natural resource might seem intangible. Brightening night sky can be harmful for the deterioration of eyesight, the loss of the visibility of the objects and the negative effect on safety on roads and environment at night.


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Viewing a planet through the telescope is worth all astronomy classes.


Light pollution is an international problem and is one of the least known but still has a major impact on

our environment. People, students, teachers, local administration all are not aware of light pollution and its negative effects on nature. So we need to increase awareness about this issue with our partner countries by combating light pollution locally, nationally and internationally. In addition to raising awareness of the issue of light pollution for the

observation of the sky and for the overall natural environment, we would also like to draw attention to the waste of energy and the use of intelligent systems of lighting.


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  • Bits and pieces of our travel memory

    Take a look and enjoy

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    Teacher Training Seminar

    We attended a seminar about facts about the solar atmosphere: our explosive Star, the Sun, sky viewing software for

    computers (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Android (Sky maps).

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    First LTT with students

    We visited Planetarium and watched a documentary about the stars and the universe. We attended an Astronomy Seminar and a workshop “Challenges of the Universe- Mars mission /satellites /James Web”.

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    Second LTT with students

    Observatory visit to Perlan Planetaium were organized and students had a chance to get information about light pollution and to observe the universe. We observed the Northern Lights.

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    Third LTT with students

    Visiting the polar science house; watching the film about planets and universe; Seminar on energy consumption and how to save energy, the regulations and laws for light pollution and visit of solar panels.

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